Window 1211 – See the greatness within you and your life


Jealousy and envy will always be a part of us, until we see our own worth as a human being… to which then… we are able to genuinely  feel happiness , for the great things that happen to other people.

~ WOW ~

Window 1210 – Forgive, rise up and stop judging



When we label another person by their mistakes, we are actually trying to shift the view of our own shame, onto another, to make our self appear better.

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Window 1209 – Love no matter what

images7R6WX7MWWhen withhold love and kindness due to one’s appearance, it is we, who are appearing less than our highest self.

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Window 1207 – Don’t second guess your feelings

imagesR7VM4G89When we can see the clarity of our intuition, we will no longer be fooled by our mind.

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Window 1206 – Take a close look at your views

imagesX08336ILIf one has no humility, one’s ego has become the master.

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Window 1205 – Take control of you


Everyday of our life can be defined by either a word, a sentence, a paragraph or a chapter in a book…but we each hold the power to swiftly change  anything about our self, that we choose not to be defined by.

~ WOW ~