Window 751- Don’t let your mind stop you


Procrastination is a human trait, that depletes the power of our inner spirit.  Therefore, in order to live by the guidance of spirit, we must be spontaneous and accepting of constant change.

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Window 750 – Growing pains


 When floods of emotions arise, from the  memories of our past behavior toward another person, we are feeling the impact of what we caused… therefore true growth has bloomed.

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Window 749 – The energy of our words


We must be conscious of the words that depart from our lips; for everything that leave’s with our energy, will return to us in the same form, that it left in.

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Window 748 – Turning regrets into love


Dwelling over the wrong choices made, only creates a weakened future… but when we embrace the lessons learned with gratitude, not only do we birth power in our future, but our past becomes our genuine friend.

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Window 746 – What is meant to be, will always arrive


All time sitting Idle, is preparation for the coming of what we are destine to do.

So we must not become disheartened and lazy; but continue to walk in faith and work on bettering ourselves, so we are on  top of our game, when our time arrives.

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