Window 1038 – Steps of illumination


Every step we take to better ourselves, not matter how small, is a step that leads us closer to the person we never knew we were… so keep on stepping and awaken the things about yourself you did not know existed within you.

~ WOW~


Window 1037 – The isolation of judgment

thBBSCD5EZThat to which we judge; comes from a place of  fear of the unknown…. not from a place of love… so when we are uncomfortable with the unknown, we must embrace it, instead of judging… even if it is something we cannot relate to, we must not judge, but accept.

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Window 1036 – you can do this

imagesDTV738R0Every challenge we are faced with, leads us to where we are trying to go… so we must embrace the challenge, instead of fighting it.

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Window 1035 – The hearts will lead you to forgiveness

thK192U2GLWe can only begin to forgive, when we can see the heart of another… and know that it is identical to ours, but just not heard.

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Window 1034 – Take time out to refill


If we continually give of ourselves, without ever taking time out to replenish our spirit; then what we are giving away, is not filled with our greatest energy.

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