Window 702 – Give from your heart not your ego


When we boast about what we give, we are only giving to feed our ego and receive accolades, instead of giving to truly give.

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Window 701 – Air, Water and Sun cleanse the soul


The best way to ground yourself is through the simplicity of nature; for it’s energy is healing and all of the answers you seek can be found from the stillness within, that emerges from the connection to Gods creation.

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Window 700 – Judgmental scars


We all need to look at our own behavior, before we start  looking at others… and even if we “think” that we have nothing to change within us, we do… because all of us can always be more loving.

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Window 698 – Put kindness first


It doesn’t take money to be kind,it doesn’t take a specific skin color to be kind, it doesn’t  take a specific religion to be kind,  it doesn’t take a privileged life to be kind, it doesn’t take an education to be kind and it does not take good parents to be kind.

Kindness is within every single person that has a beating heart; but the choice to  choose kindness, is solely determined by the power of one’s mind over heart, which is still a choice.

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Window 696 – The shift from love


When darkness strikes the heart, the view of love becomes distorted and that what is simple become complicated… these shifts in our view, are the key to awakening, to show us that we have stepped off the path of  love.

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