Window 11 – Keeping your spirit in flight

~You ground your spirit when you go against the whispers of guidance that try to keep you from following the choices that only bring fulfillment to your Ego.~

Everyone hears the whispers of what is right or wrong and your mind or the voice of another person is always the culprit for pulling you away from what your own heart is telling you.  What you are forgetting is that the whisper from your heart is your life line for walking in the direction that keeps your spirit in flight. Your Ego never reaches pure happiness and fulfillment because it becomes hungry for change after every feeding and every time you feed it your spirit loses altitude.

Listening to the whisper of your heart does not mean your walk will be free of bumpy roads or challenges but those challenges will create growth and strength to keep you soaring higher into levels that the Ego can never travel.

Push yourself past the need for a quick fix of temporary happiness that your ego provides and follow the whispers of your heart for happiness that you can never run out of.

~ WOW ~

Window 10 – Living in Reality

~Are you living the reality of who you truly are or are you living an illusion of someone you desire or think you should be? If you are someone else behind closed doors or behind your computer your reality is mind based because if you live in heart there is no change.~

None of us every really know the core of the person we are meeting for the first time or through the computer and many people have the perception that the people and the characters that are being played on TV are the true personality traits of the person and then when some sort of outburst arises from the actor in their personal life people feel duped.

An actor’s job is to place a part, if you playing a part in your own life to please others and represent a person you wish you could be or even a person you despise to fit in then you are fighting against the core of who you are which is making you feel lesser than the person you are representing to be.

You have your own feelings and thoughts because you are unique and if someone else wants to judge you for how you are living your own personal life that is ok   Because in living your true authentic self you will not judge others or care if you are judged because you are focused on being the best you can be instead of worrying about how others are walking.

You can only pretend to be someone else but sooner or later the real you will emerge for everyone to see because it becomes to exhausting to cover your tracks and you will explode.  The explosion will leave you feeling even lower than your original insecurities that caused you to pretend in the beginning.

Don’t represent the person you want to be, just be that person and then you don’t have to go through life with costume changes.

~ WOW ~

Mind Bully

When tough times fall upon us whether it is due to  something tragic, illness or just the daily bumps of life adding up how you react to what is happening is the key to your outcome.  Your mind and your thoughts are the invisible force that will determine your reaction.

View your mind as an invisible bully and an invisible bully is worse than a physical bully because you cannot see who, what, where, or how it is fighting you but you hear the negative, fearful voice nonstop and assume it is your own thoughts and feelings.Your mind might even be telling you at this moment while reading this that it cannot be true…. But look deeper to where that voice is coming from…

View the mind as a negative person, the negative person might be smart and able to figure out certain things and is needed for work, school, and doing basic random tasks but when the negative person speaks it is always in anger, fear, hatred and jealousy and it is NOT enjoyable to be around because you will be depressed and drained.  Now what about a person that is positive, loving, kind ,uplifting and smart… you could be around them twenty four seven because you feel so good when you’re around them and they help bring out the best in you which in turn your best is  share with everyone else you come in contact with.

Now view that positive person as your Heart and the negative as your mind and ask yourself which one is going to make you feel better and give you the strength to handle a difficult situation?

Your next question might be how do I know the difference between your heart over mind… Any negative thought toward yourself or someone else is not you; it is your mind bully.  The reason your heart speaks in a whisper is because the mind bully is always screaming for attention so just change the channel.

~ WOW ~

Window 9 – Life around you

~As you are trying to decide your choices for food, drink, clothes, accessories, toys, pedicure, tools, vacation, car, home etc… Someone you know is hoping to just survive the day and maybe get a meal, drink or shelter, shower , clean cloths, or medical attention and is unable to own a thought for the luxury item you take for granted. So pay attention and give up something small or big to change the life of someone you see in need.~

Imagine if you were the person on the street suffering or the family working multiple jobs and still only able to able to provide the very minimal necessities of life.  Those people are all around you they are your neighbors, friends, coworkers, and the people you walk by every day. Are you turning your head or are you helping? 

  Even the smallest token of money or a bottle of water can make or break the day of someone less fortunate and can be the answer to a silent prayer. Paying forward to someone else is a chain reaction that can fulfill everyone and eliminate suffering but if the chain is broken the gaps are people left suffering.

Sometimes people think that they have to give big and become overwhelmed and fearful so they don’t give at all but imagine if every single person gave a little to the same person that crosses their path how rich the person would be and not rich in money but rich in love.  Service to others and the gift of giving is worth more than anything you could buy for yourself and the karma that comes with it will create an internal richness that surpasses anything material.

~ WOW ~

Window 7

~Sometimes you have to open the vault from your past to help another person who is suffering but you don’t need to give the combination to everyone you meet.~

I believe that every single person will endure certain hardships in life and each person’s suffering is growth needed for that person.  I have found that through every hardship I have endured there is an underlying blessing for me and for someone else  that will cross  my path that is suffering the same lesson, so my hardship has a purpose beyond myself.  

There is an invisible line you should not cross when you see someone in a similar situation to what you endured, because if you’re going to open the vault you are going to have to re-live the past pain and the emotions from that might linger after sharing it so make sure what you share does not fall on  deaf ears.

Some people cry to be heard or to gather a crowd of listeners but when the antidote is offered they decline and move on to the next person who will listen because they are just looking for company to cuddle with their misery.

You have a combination to your vault because if you  left it  open you would constantly be drained from your flashbacks of past pain so before you think about unlocking it for someone,  be sure the person you are sharing it with is listening and searching with their heart over listening with their  ego and trying to get attention.

~ WOW ~

Window 6

~ We have all hurt someone, lied, cheated on something or someone, and maybe even have lost our minds for a moment and done things that we cannot even voice!  Forgive yourself, forgive whoever hurt you and let go of your past pain.  Seek out the good qualities in yourself and others and remember that all negative actions are stemming from inner pain that has been stifled, but that pain is not happening now. ~

When someone hurts us our first reaction is “how dare they do that to me” But we forget that we have hurt someone and maybe this is the boomerang coming back to hit us or is it just a lesson to practice forgiveness?  I f you are able to see that your past choices  would not be choices you would make today then you have evolved from your old thinking which is growth that you should be proud of, so keep that thinking in mind when holding others hostage for their past choices.

We all want peace but peace cannot take place if we cannot forgive and you may think that your small act of forgiveness toward another person or yourself is not going to change anything or be the deal breaker of peace in the world but it is… Peace for everyone starts by finding it within you and  to do that you have to let go,  surrender to what you cannot change, and to   what you cannot control. We Cannot control what happenend in our past but we can control our reaction to it right now.

~WOW ~