Obsession with the paranormal is on the up rise with so many TV shows doing investigations to try to prove it exists with the endless search to capture a sighting or communicate with something unseen through some device.  The spirit world is very real, and I feel the shows are great for awareness to help people that are silently suffering to see that they are not alone and find help but… Some of the methods used are not true, and don’t solve anything and in fact just add fuel to the fire.

There are many reasons or circumstances that cause a spirit to linger in the physical world and wreak havoc on people and the most common types are… A homeless spirit; which is a spirit that chose not to go to the light or that does not even know they are dead.  Dark spirits; that are bullies that were so negative and self absorbed while alive and just continue to operate in the same manner and usually they don’t know they are dead either. And lastly the dark demonic entity which is exactly what the word implies.

You have to know what type of spirit you are dealing with to be able to remove it properly and for it to be permanently removed it must be done by someone who can see the unseen  with physical eyes,like a medium or seer.


People think they can fight darkness like you would fight a physical person and you can’t. If you can’t see it you have no idea what you are going up against and yelling and antagonizing a spirit is the worst thing you can do because it can hurt  you, follow you home and disturb you very slyly without you even knowing it. 

You would not fight a physical person blindfolded so don’t try to fight a dark spirit because you will not win.

One of the biggest mistakes I see and hear from people is… they think that sage or smudging  will make a dark entity or homeless spirit  it go away, Not true!  Sage is a tool for neutralizing the energy in your home like spraying Lysol to disinfect your house.  A dark entity does not like the smell of sage so burning it is just a temporary fix but not a permanent one. 

If you feel like something is not right within your home such as the feeling of being watched, sudden mood changes, children being afraid of the dark, animals growling at air, or just an uncomfortable feeling you cannot explain it is not your imagination so don’t let your mind talk you out of what you feel.

As intriguing as the paranormal world may seem it should not be something done for entertainment purposes.  Just as there is a reason that a pilot cannot fly a plane if he/she is color blind or blind, there is reason not to mess with a Ouija board, or other Metaphysical items because you have no idea what or who you are communicating with and the doors you open in the spirit world are all unknown to the blind eye.

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2 thoughts on “Paranormal

    • Well… it is unnerving to have something that you cannot see attack you, One must not fear it because that is what will bring it to you… It just a bully but if you know Jesus exists, he is your weapon, because darkness shutters at just the sound of his name… I say this from personal experience.

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