Window 4

Your spiritual energy is the heart of who you are and your positive or negative state of energy will have drastic affects on you and everyone you come in contact with.  Be responsible and conscious of your own personal energy. The things you watch on TV, the people you hang out with, the things you put into your body and the places you go will all affect your energy which will either charge it up or deplete it.

Your spiritual energy is not seen by everyone but it is felt by everyone and most people are not even aware they are absorbing your energy or vice versa.    Energy travels and in directions we cannot control Just as when someone is smoking the smoke does not just stay within one place and can ooze into places that are unseen and be smelled for miles away.  Your energy affects every single person, animal and plant you come in contact with.  The energy in your home will ooze out and have affects of people walking by.

Everyone has walked into a room feeling great and happy and then instantly felt a shift in their energy and instead of wondering whose energy they are picking up they just shift unknowingly.  It works the same when someone is feeling low and they enter a place and suddenly feel energized and uplifted  but the difference is when it is a positive effect to the shift of energy there is never a question as to why, it just feels wonderful and that shift can cause an awakening to prompt that person to open a new door that can be life changing.

Our energy has so much power and if we are conscious and responsible with it we can silently leave positive affects toward everyone we come in contact with.  Your thoughts are energy so keep them uplifting and loving toward yourself and others and make an effort to send out loving thoughts where ever you go and to whoever you think of, do your part in creating a peaceful, happy and loving  environment for yourself and the places you go.

~ WOW ~

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