Window 6

~ We have all hurt someone, lied, cheated on something or someone, and maybe even have lost our minds for a moment and done things that we cannot even voice!  Forgive yourself, forgive whoever hurt you and let go of your past pain.  Seek out the good qualities in yourself and others and remember that all negative actions are stemming from inner pain that has been stifled, but that pain is not happening now. ~

When someone hurts us our first reaction is “how dare they do that to me” But we forget that we have hurt someone and maybe this is the boomerang coming back to hit us or is it just a lesson to practice forgiveness?  I f you are able to see that your past choices  would not be choices you would make today then you have evolved from your old thinking which is growth that you should be proud of, so keep that thinking in mind when holding others hostage for their past choices.

We all want peace but peace cannot take place if we cannot forgive and you may think that your small act of forgiveness toward another person or yourself is not going to change anything or be the deal breaker of peace in the world but it is… Peace for everyone starts by finding it within you and  to do that you have to let go,  surrender to what you cannot change, and to   what you cannot control. We Cannot control what happenend in our past but we can control our reaction to it right now.

~WOW ~

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