Window 7

~Sometimes you have to open the vault from your past to help another person who is suffering but you don’t need to give the combination to everyone you meet.~

I believe that every single person will endure certain hardships in life and each person’s suffering is growth needed for that person.  I have found that through every hardship I have endured there is an underlying blessing for me and for someone else  that will cross  my path that is suffering the same lesson, so my hardship has a purpose beyond myself.  

There is an invisible line you should not cross when you see someone in a similar situation to what you endured, because if you’re going to open the vault you are going to have to re-live the past pain and the emotions from that might linger after sharing it so make sure what you share does not fall on  deaf ears.

Some people cry to be heard or to gather a crowd of listeners but when the antidote is offered they decline and move on to the next person who will listen because they are just looking for company to cuddle with their misery.

You have a combination to your vault because if you  left it  open you would constantly be drained from your flashbacks of past pain so before you think about unlocking it for someone,  be sure the person you are sharing it with is listening and searching with their heart over listening with their  ego and trying to get attention.

~ WOW ~

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