Window 9 – Life around you

~As you are trying to decide your choices for food, drink, clothes, accessories, toys, pedicure, tools, vacation, car, home etc… Someone you know is hoping to just survive the day and maybe get a meal, drink or shelter, shower , clean cloths, or medical attention and is unable to own a thought for the luxury item you take for granted. So pay attention and give up something small or big to change the life of someone you see in need.~

Imagine if you were the person on the street suffering or the family working multiple jobs and still only able to able to provide the very minimal necessities of life.  Those people are all around you they are your neighbors, friends, coworkers, and the people you walk by every day. Are you turning your head or are you helping? 

  Even the smallest token of money or a bottle of water can make or break the day of someone less fortunate and can be the answer to a silent prayer. Paying forward to someone else is a chain reaction that can fulfill everyone and eliminate suffering but if the chain is broken the gaps are people left suffering.

Sometimes people think that they have to give big and become overwhelmed and fearful so they don’t give at all but imagine if every single person gave a little to the same person that crosses their path how rich the person would be and not rich in money but rich in love.  Service to others and the gift of giving is worth more than anything you could buy for yourself and the karma that comes with it will create an internal richness that surpasses anything material.

~ WOW ~

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