Mind Bully

When tough times fall upon us whether it is due to  something tragic, illness or just the daily bumps of life adding up how you react to what is happening is the key to your outcome.  Your mind and your thoughts are the invisible force that will determine your reaction.

View your mind as an invisible bully and an invisible bully is worse than a physical bully because you cannot see who, what, where, or how it is fighting you but you hear the negative, fearful voice nonstop and assume it is your own thoughts and feelings.Your mind might even be telling you at this moment while reading this that it cannot be true…. But look deeper to where that voice is coming from…

View the mind as a negative person, the negative person might be smart and able to figure out certain things and is needed for work, school, and doing basic random tasks but when the negative person speaks it is always in anger, fear, hatred and jealousy and it is NOT enjoyable to be around because you will be depressed and drained.  Now what about a person that is positive, loving, kind ,uplifting and smart… you could be around them twenty four seven because you feel so good when you’re around them and they help bring out the best in you which in turn your best is  share with everyone else you come in contact with.

Now view that positive person as your Heart and the negative as your mind and ask yourself which one is going to make you feel better and give you the strength to handle a difficult situation?

Your next question might be how do I know the difference between your heart over mind… Any negative thought toward yourself or someone else is not you; it is your mind bully.  The reason your heart speaks in a whisper is because the mind bully is always screaming for attention so just change the channel.

~ WOW ~

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