Window 10 – Living in Reality

~Are you living the reality of who you truly are or are you living an illusion of someone you desire or think you should be? If you are someone else behind closed doors or behind your computer your reality is mind based because if you live in heart there is no change.~

None of us every really know the core of the person we are meeting for the first time or through the computer and many people have the perception that the people and the characters that are being played on TV are the true personality traits of the person and then when some sort of outburst arises from the actor in their personal life people feel duped.

An actor’s job is to place a part, if you playing a part in your own life to please others and represent a person you wish you could be or even a person you despise to fit in then you are fighting against the core of who you are which is making you feel lesser than the person you are representing to be.

You have your own feelings and thoughts because you are unique and if someone else wants to judge you for how you are living your own personal life that is ok   Because in living your true authentic self you will not judge others or care if you are judged because you are focused on being the best you can be instead of worrying about how others are walking.

You can only pretend to be someone else but sooner or later the real you will emerge for everyone to see because it becomes to exhausting to cover your tracks and you will explode.  The explosion will leave you feeling even lower than your original insecurities that caused you to pretend in the beginning.

Don’t represent the person you want to be, just be that person and then you don’t have to go through life with costume changes.

~ WOW ~

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