Window 11 – Keeping your spirit in flight

~You ground your spirit when you go against the whispers of guidance that try to keep you from following the choices that only bring fulfillment to your Ego.~

Everyone hears the whispers of what is right or wrong and your mind or the voice of another person is always the culprit for pulling you away from what your own heart is telling you.  What you are forgetting is that the whisper from your heart is your life line for walking in the direction that keeps your spirit in flight. Your Ego never reaches pure happiness and fulfillment because it becomes hungry for change after every feeding and every time you feed it your spirit loses altitude.

Listening to the whisper of your heart does not mean your walk will be free of bumpy roads or challenges but those challenges will create growth and strength to keep you soaring higher into levels that the Ego can never travel.

Push yourself past the need for a quick fix of temporary happiness that your ego provides and follow the whispers of your heart for happiness that you can never run out of.

~ WOW ~