Window 19 – Acceptance

~Acceptance of what is and letting go of what you cannot control…does not mean that you let go of hope for change or the visions of a dream….   Acceptance of a situation does not mean that you have to learn to love something you despise… Acceptance just means you have stopped fighting with what is.. and what you have no control of. ~

The only thing that we have total control of is how we react to what is going on within us, around us and what we are confronted with.  When people say “oh he or she handled that with such grace” is the biggest compliments that can be given; because what they see is a person who did not lose their cookies and kept their integrity due to a tough life situation and most likely used the situation to learn, grow and help others from.

We are all teachers for one another and we are all impacted by the reactions of others and from our own reactions. If the reaction is positive, strong, loving and handled with grace the reactor will grow and conquer the lesson and advance to a higher form of self and the observer will gain strength, compassion, and love that may open a view for change in their own circumstances.

If the reaction is negative and  that of anger, hate, jealousy or fear both the reactor and the observer  can learn a very valuable lesson as what” NOT” to do. The repercussions are a form of shock therapy for the reactor in which their negative behavior and reaction is the way for a change within to take place and instills wisdom for the future… For the observer it becomes a preventative life blue print to make the personal changes within to avoid becoming a spectacle of what they witnessed

Whatever the circumstance you are faced with it is just a stepping stone to get you to where you are supposed to be, because something needs to learned, cleansed or understood before you are ready  advance to the next step that  the universe has in store for obtaining your dreams..

~ WOW ~

Dark Behavior

Everyone is born with a heart filled with light and love which is constantly fueled through an invisible connection to a higher source that can never be diminished. It is always burning even beneath the haze of negativity and stresses in life. But amidst our light is darkness which is slithering around all of us waiting to pounce and attach to us through our insecurities and fears with the soul mission of pulling us away from knowing our light.

Darkness tries to plant’s seeds through our thoughts, it is the voice that says negative things about yourself and others, it is the voice that is difficult to shut off, it is the voice of useless mind worry that keeps you spinning away from your light until you become totally unaware of how far away you have drifted from the voice of your heart.

It tries to trick you into believing that those thoughts and feeling are actually your own, and if you let those seeds germinate they will take root and quickly start to cover the light of your heart and you will get random negative thoughts or visions of horrible things that do not make sense and you will say to yourself…” where did that come from? Or why am I thinking that?”In those pivotal moments is your first sign that darkness is lurking and if you ignore the sign you will unconsciously begin to own those random thoughts.

If you take ownership of the negative thoughts and feelings they will become stronger and then usually one of two things will happen… 1. You will become depressed, take pills, drink or take drugs to mask how you are feeling or….2. You will act on your thoughts and feelings and hurt someone else or yourself through words or actions.   Darkness feeds on negative behavior so if you feed it you empower it which in turn weakens your ability to know which thoughts are your own.

When someone allows weeds to grow, multiply and cover the view of their heart and then acts out and does something horrible it does not mean that the person is dark or evil, it just means that darkness has engulfed the person and they can no longer see their light. It does not excuse the actions or behavior it is just the reason for the actions or negative behavior.

Darkness is sickened and revolted by JESUS and LOVE… If you keep those two things in the front of your life it is almost like planting a weed stopper… sure a few weeds might lightly start to take root but they can be pulled easily. No one is immune everyone hears the dark voice at times but once you become AWARE that those thoughts are NOT yours… is when you empower your heart and diminish the darkness.

~ WOW ~

Blessings in a tragedy

When a tragedy or crisis takes place it stops us from being consumed with  our self and the robotic day to day mundane trivial emptiness that many people unknowingly or forgetfully view as the wholeness of life through thinking our things or success is really living life.   A tragedy instantly pulls us directly into the core of our heart and shows us the deep love that we own within which truly creates what our life is suppose to be.

The mindless screaming thoughts of day to day drama become silent and the volume of our heart starts speaking louder and pounding harder with love, compassion, understanding and sincerity which becomes  the for front of our thoughts.   Prayers and a connection to a higher source begin for some and evolve for others, people instantly awaken to see that we are” one and the same” and we find comfort in each other and everyone just feels safe and powerful because we are all on the same page with our thoughts, and we feel connected and strong because love is holding us all together.

It is a euphoric feeling even during the tragic time that maintains for a while but slowly as time goes by and the spotlight of the tragedy lessons we unconsciously forget the feeling  and power of love or seek to hold on to it and go back to our old ways as though nothing happened.

Imagine if we held on to that feeling and changed our lives and the lives of others… Are the tragedies in life actually the blessings to show us the glimpses of love, connection, compassion and kindness for one another that we all own within…. If we did not have the tragedy would we seek it on our own…are you seeking it on your own… or did you find it and change through your own private tragedy?

Look for the love in everything and within everyone and hold on to it so when the next tragedy or crisis comes you will have the world with you instead of seeking to find comfort within the world.

~ WOW ~

Window 18 – Nothing in common with your past


Revisiting people and family from your past can open a flood gate of emotions especially if you have changed or awakened into a different direction of life that is foreign to those that you have not seen. You have to remember that even though you feel as you are the same old person, you’re not and vice verse to the people of your past…. the memories of the past cannot be recaptured in the present moment and that is what triggers the emotional roller-coaster within.

Yes it can be fun to reminisce and reflect on what once was but after awhile you will have to engage in the present moment and if there is nothing in common with the people you are sharing that moment with you will feel the pull of your inner spirit showing you that the changes you made or the changes of the other person are not the changes that have lead you into the direction you are standing now.

Everyone ages and changes appearance but some people never change anything in their home, life style, job or opinion and as long as they are content there is absolutely nothing wrong with that because everyone finds their own inner peace in different ways.  Sometimes the people and family in our past were needed to help us find our way but are not helpful on our continued walk and walking away is best for everyone involved.

You will constantly meet other people along your path and some people will continue to walk with you, some will leave you and some people will be left by you but…If you lose love or allow guilt to creep in you will hinder your own growth, peace and joy.  Your inner spirit is the most important thing on your journey so if you need to walk away from someone, do it and if you need to run, run fast.

~ WOW ~

Window 17 – Mind overload

Your mind is like a computer it’s is loaded with memory from past input, but unlike your computer your mind does not need to store all of your memories to re-live later. Delete your past pain and stop searching through archives to show others and Stay in the present moment to see the updates.

When your private thoughts and conversations with others always revolves around the past painful events you are never in the present moment seeing your blessings or adding a new data entry so eventually like a computer getting a virus your mind becomes toxic and effects the energy of  your spirit.

The past is not and whatever you endured is not happening now… and you have to remember that there is always something to learn and grow from no matter how painful it was. Everyone is faced with unwanted circumstances that happen for reasons that we may not ever know the why.

when you resist, complain, wine, cry and relive the past constantly is like creating a virus within you and then sending it to everyone you meet… but if you handle your tough situations with grace and seek the lesson for your own personal growth and possibly the growth of another person is your built-in antivirus that can never be hacked.

~ WOW ~

Unwanted guest

If you are fully aware that something is not right in your home and believe a spirit is the cause of your disturbance than you need to seek options on having it removed.  Your problem will escalate if you or someone else performs some sort of Séance to try to communicate with what is bothering you by asking questions such as “is someone here” or “ what do you want”…

People think that a spirit or entity is going to just sit down and have a cup a coffee and explain the reason for wreaking havoc on you and your family. To break it down simply… view the spirit as an intruder, someone who has broken into your home and is trying to steal from you or harm you…. Would you invite  the intruder to sit down and explain why they are there and what their intentions are and if they are a good intruder or a bad intruder?

As silly as that sounds that is exactly what is being done when you or someone who claims to be able to remove and entity is doing that. What makes it even worse is that you cannot see the entity so even if you get some sort of response, you really don’t know what is responding. But it is just foolish to even try because you will be sorry you did.

If something is disturbing you it needs to leave end of story!!!!! Communication is useless .Our loved ones passed would NEVER  EVER make you feel uneasy, scared or angry so never question  or allow anyone to tell you that it is someone you love who is passed that is disturbing you, because it’s not.

~ WOW ~

window 16 – spoken emotions are not always truth

Just because someone says something negative or hurtful to you does not mean it is true… Always remember that the person speaking the negative words have allowed the same words spoken to them to take ownership of themselves and that is why they are able to repeat them.

 Instead of taking their words personal and allow the negative seeds to take root within you… say a prayer for their pain to be released because they are hurting more than their words.

~ WOW ~

Window 15 – The voice you feed

You always hear the voice of the bad wolf begging to be fed through soft whispers telling you that if you give it just a small bite nothing will happen… you are two wolves…. your heart is the good wolf and your ego is the bad wolf and when you align with your ego you go against what you know is right.

Just as the wolf becomes intoxicated by the smell of potential food the mind becomes fixated on finding pleasure and the ego actually believes that you can feed  the bad wolf as long as  you quickly get back to feeding the good wolf before it notices that you gave its food away.

A small bite of food  for the bad wolf creates an obsession to find a full meal just as your Ego becomes obsessed into believing the clouded perception that in going against what you know is right in small portions is harmless.   As you slowly start to feed the bad wolf more and more one of two things happen….. You will exhaust yourself trying to feed both wolves or you will forget that you even own a good wolf until you find yourself eating your own hand.

When the good wolf is no longer fed it becomes weak but never dies because it is was created by the most powerful source of spirit, so instead it hibernates like a bear awaiting for spring even if it takes many years of winter to be fed again. True fulfillment can never come from feeding something with negative energy.

~WOW ~

Window 14 – The energy of your words

·      ~   Are you truly living the words and advice you share with others or are you just passing on what you read, watch or hear from other people. Own the words you speak or remain silent… Because if you’re not owning your words the energy attached to them is powerless. ~

~ WOW ~

Window 13 – The world outside yourself

If you are trying to keep up with those who claim to be the” IT people” in mainstream society through your house, money, clothes, car, and physical appearance you are erasing yourself from your own life…Let go of the need to be something that society say’s is something because you are way more than anything outside yourself.

 When you let go of the outside world you will be shown your inner spirit which will awaken you to a world that you never knew existed and contains more love, beauty, and fulfillment than anything you will ever find through a material item.   When you fully awaken you will see that having less is so much more when your spirit is guiding you instead of your ego.

The beauty of it all is that you don’t have to buy anything, go anywhere or search to obtain it because it is a part of you where ever you go and within everything you do. All you have to do to find this connection is let go, open your heart, and just listen.

~ WOW ~