Window 13 – The world outside yourself

If you are trying to keep up with those who claim to be the” IT people” in mainstream society through your house, money, clothes, car, and physical appearance you are erasing yourself from your own life…Let go of the need to be something that society say’s is something because you are way more than anything outside yourself.

 When you let go of the outside world you will be shown your inner spirit which will awaken you to a world that you never knew existed and contains more love, beauty, and fulfillment than anything you will ever find through a material item.   When you fully awaken you will see that having less is so much more when your spirit is guiding you instead of your ego.

The beauty of it all is that you don’t have to buy anything, go anywhere or search to obtain it because it is a part of you where ever you go and within everything you do. All you have to do to find this connection is let go, open your heart, and just listen.

~ WOW ~

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