Window 15 – The voice you feed

You always hear the voice of the bad wolf begging to be fed through soft whispers telling you that if you give it just a small bite nothing will happen… you are two wolves…. your heart is the good wolf and your ego is the bad wolf and when you align with your ego you go against what you know is right.

Just as the wolf becomes intoxicated by the smell of potential food the mind becomes fixated on finding pleasure and the ego actually believes that you can feed  the bad wolf as long as  you quickly get back to feeding the good wolf before it notices that you gave its food away.

A small bite of food  for the bad wolf creates an obsession to find a full meal just as your Ego becomes obsessed into believing the clouded perception that in going against what you know is right in small portions is harmless.   As you slowly start to feed the bad wolf more and more one of two things happen….. You will exhaust yourself trying to feed both wolves or you will forget that you even own a good wolf until you find yourself eating your own hand.

When the good wolf is no longer fed it becomes weak but never dies because it is was created by the most powerful source of spirit, so instead it hibernates like a bear awaiting for spring even if it takes many years of winter to be fed again. True fulfillment can never come from feeding something with negative energy.

~WOW ~

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