Unwanted guest

If you are fully aware that something is not right in your home and believe a spirit is the cause of your disturbance than you need to seek options on having it removed.  Your problem will escalate if you or someone else performs some sort of Séance to try to communicate with what is bothering you by asking questions such as “is someone here” or “ what do you want”…

People think that a spirit or entity is going to just sit down and have a cup a coffee and explain the reason for wreaking havoc on you and your family. To break it down simply… view the spirit as an intruder, someone who has broken into your home and is trying to steal from you or harm you…. Would you invite  the intruder to sit down and explain why they are there and what their intentions are and if they are a good intruder or a bad intruder?

As silly as that sounds that is exactly what is being done when you or someone who claims to be able to remove and entity is doing that. What makes it even worse is that you cannot see the entity so even if you get some sort of response, you really don’t know what is responding. But it is just foolish to even try because you will be sorry you did.

If something is disturbing you it needs to leave end of story!!!!! Communication is useless .Our loved ones passed would NEVER  EVER make you feel uneasy, scared or angry so never question  or allow anyone to tell you that it is someone you love who is passed that is disturbing you, because it’s not.

~ WOW ~

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