Window 17 – Mind overload

Your mind is like a computer it’s is loaded with memory from past input, but unlike your computer your mind does not need to store all of your memories to re-live later. Delete your past pain and stop searching through archives to show others and Stay in the present moment to see the updates.

When your private thoughts and conversations with others always revolves around the past painful events you are never in the present moment seeing your blessings or adding a new data entry so eventually like a computer getting a virus your mind becomes toxic and effects the energy of  your spirit.

The past is not and whatever you endured is not happening now… and you have to remember that there is always something to learn and grow from no matter how painful it was. Everyone is faced with unwanted circumstances that happen for reasons that we may not ever know the why.

when you resist, complain, wine, cry and relive the past constantly is like creating a virus within you and then sending it to everyone you meet… but if you handle your tough situations with grace and seek the lesson for your own personal growth and possibly the growth of another person is your built-in antivirus that can never be hacked.

~ WOW ~


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