Window 18 – Nothing in common with your past


Revisiting people and family from your past can open a flood gate of emotions especially if you have changed or awakened into a different direction of life that is foreign to those that you have not seen. You have to remember that even though you feel as you are the same old person, you’re not and vice verse to the people of your past…. the memories of the past cannot be recaptured in the present moment and that is what triggers the emotional roller-coaster within.

Yes it can be fun to reminisce and reflect on what once was but after awhile you will have to engage in the present moment and if there is nothing in common with the people you are sharing that moment with you will feel the pull of your inner spirit showing you that the changes you made or the changes of the other person are not the changes that have lead you into the direction you are standing now.

Everyone ages and changes appearance but some people never change anything in their home, life style, job or opinion and as long as they are content there is absolutely nothing wrong with that because everyone finds their own inner peace in different ways.  Sometimes the people and family in our past were needed to help us find our way but are not helpful on our continued walk and walking away is best for everyone involved.

You will constantly meet other people along your path and some people will continue to walk with you, some will leave you and some people will be left by you but…If you lose love or allow guilt to creep in you will hinder your own growth, peace and joy.  Your inner spirit is the most important thing on your journey so if you need to walk away from someone, do it and if you need to run, run fast.

~ WOW ~