Blessings in a tragedy

When a tragedy or crisis takes place it stops us from being consumed with  our self and the robotic day to day mundane trivial emptiness that many people unknowingly or forgetfully view as the wholeness of life through thinking our things or success is really living life.   A tragedy instantly pulls us directly into the core of our heart and shows us the deep love that we own within which truly creates what our life is suppose to be.

The mindless screaming thoughts of day to day drama become silent and the volume of our heart starts speaking louder and pounding harder with love, compassion, understanding and sincerity which becomes  the for front of our thoughts.   Prayers and a connection to a higher source begin for some and evolve for others, people instantly awaken to see that we are” one and the same” and we find comfort in each other and everyone just feels safe and powerful because we are all on the same page with our thoughts, and we feel connected and strong because love is holding us all together.

It is a euphoric feeling even during the tragic time that maintains for a while but slowly as time goes by and the spotlight of the tragedy lessons we unconsciously forget the feeling  and power of love or seek to hold on to it and go back to our old ways as though nothing happened.

Imagine if we held on to that feeling and changed our lives and the lives of others… Are the tragedies in life actually the blessings to show us the glimpses of love, connection, compassion and kindness for one another that we all own within…. If we did not have the tragedy would we seek it on our own…are you seeking it on your own… or did you find it and change through your own private tragedy?

Look for the love in everything and within everyone and hold on to it so when the next tragedy or crisis comes you will have the world with you instead of seeking to find comfort within the world.

~ WOW ~

6 thoughts on “Blessings in a tragedy

  1. Very well needed….at this time. It makes me think of the shooting at the movie house. Your words are so touching and true. I hope many people read this…..its very moving. Many blessings to you.

  2. I’m thinking about your statements in regard to tragedy… I have had plenty of heartache, especially as a child, and though I don’t forget, I’ve used those tragedies to ‘understand’ and relate to children as well as I do. They are magnets to me. They know I love them. This is perhaps because of my tragedies.
    I don’t seek out chaos or tragedy – I wish only for compassion and patience and kindness. Alas, not all possess it or are even willing to allow themselves to feel it. Some think it weakens them. I hurt for the animals and people who are so limited.

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    • Yes I know exactly what you are saying and I have seen it myself but even in the midst of one person tipping someone else is standing… I always pray for those falling to see those standing and just grab a hand. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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