Dark Behavior

Everyone is born with a heart filled with light and love which is constantly fueled through an invisible connection to a higher source that can never be diminished. It is always burning even beneath the haze of negativity and stresses in life. But amidst our light is darkness which is slithering around all of us waiting to pounce and attach to us through our insecurities and fears with the soul mission of pulling us away from knowing our light.

Darkness tries to plant’s seeds through our thoughts, it is the voice that says negative things about yourself and others, it is the voice that is difficult to shut off, it is the voice of useless mind worry that keeps you spinning away from your light until you become totally unaware of how far away you have drifted from the voice of your heart.

It tries to trick you into believing that those thoughts and feeling are actually your own, and if you let those seeds germinate they will take root and quickly start to cover the light of your heart and you will get random negative thoughts or visions of horrible things that do not make sense and you will say to yourself…” where did that come from? Or why am I thinking that?”In those pivotal moments is your first sign that darkness is lurking and if you ignore the sign you will unconsciously begin to own those random thoughts.

If you take ownership of the negative thoughts and feelings they will become stronger and then usually one of two things will happen… 1. You will become depressed, take pills, drink or take drugs to mask how you are feeling or….2. You will act on your thoughts and feelings and hurt someone else or yourself through words or actions.   Darkness feeds on negative behavior so if you feed it you empower it which in turn weakens your ability to know which thoughts are your own.

When someone allows weeds to grow, multiply and cover the view of their heart and then acts out and does something horrible it does not mean that the person is dark or evil, it just means that darkness has engulfed the person and they can no longer see their light. It does not excuse the actions or behavior it is just the reason for the actions or negative behavior.

Darkness is sickened and revolted by JESUS and LOVE… If you keep those two things in the front of your life it is almost like planting a weed stopper… sure a few weeds might lightly start to take root but they can be pulled easily. No one is immune everyone hears the dark voice at times but once you become AWARE that those thoughts are NOT yours… is when you empower your heart and diminish the darkness.

~ WOW ~

9 thoughts on “Dark Behavior

  1. You are so wise, thank you. I shared similar thoughts today on denial. That to pull the weeds, first you must recognize the weeds themselves.
    I’m really happy you are blogging. My gratitude. Love…

  2. It can be true, if you let them be your reality. I don’t think they deserve all article. What we believe and focus on – we attract and create in our reality. I prefer to focus on awareness and how to be aware and not to be under heavy thoughts and manipulation of others. Love, Alexandra Tselouiko,RN,AADP

  3. Although I have been aware of dark energies for a long time, I had no idea until recently, how much they were affecting my life. I recently started repeating a prayer several times a day and it’s amazing how much my life has changed for the better. Awesome blog!

    • Thank you so much.. Darkness is very sly but when we are alert and conscious of our thoughts is when we are in the know that it is trying to bring us down.
      Have a great week and walk in the light that you are!

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