Window 19 – Acceptance

~Acceptance of what is and letting go of what you cannot control…does not mean that you let go of hope for change or the visions of a dream….   Acceptance of a situation does not mean that you have to learn to love something you despise… Acceptance just means you have stopped fighting with what is.. and what you have no control of. ~

The only thing that we have total control of is how we react to what is going on within us, around us and what we are confronted with.  When people say “oh he or she handled that with such grace” is the biggest compliments that can be given; because what they see is a person who did not lose their cookies and kept their integrity due to a tough life situation and most likely used the situation to learn, grow and help others from.

We are all teachers for one another and we are all impacted by the reactions of others and from our own reactions. If the reaction is positive, strong, loving and handled with grace the reactor will grow and conquer the lesson and advance to a higher form of self and the observer will gain strength, compassion, and love that may open a view for change in their own circumstances.

If the reaction is negative and  that of anger, hate, jealousy or fear both the reactor and the observer  can learn a very valuable lesson as what” NOT” to do. The repercussions are a form of shock therapy for the reactor in which their negative behavior and reaction is the way for a change within to take place and instills wisdom for the future… For the observer it becomes a preventative life blue print to make the personal changes within to avoid becoming a spectacle of what they witnessed

Whatever the circumstance you are faced with it is just a stepping stone to get you to where you are supposed to be, because something needs to learned, cleansed or understood before you are ready  advance to the next step that  the universe has in store for obtaining your dreams..

~ WOW ~

4 thoughts on “Window 19 – Acceptance

  1. I loved this post. Such a good reminder. Again when we are in the middle of our “reaction” it isn’t always easy to remember that it is just a stepping stone but when I look back I can always see the lesson in the situation or the cleansing needed. Keep writing you beautiful gift to this world. xoxo

  2. So helpful! This sheds a lot of light, and if the only compliment I heard for the rest of my life could be “she handled it with such grace” I would be so thrilled. Thank you for this post.

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