Window 37 – Your conditioning creates your conditions

You have to dig deep to uproot your past conditioning before your new seeds of growth will bloom.  Mixing new enlightenment with  your old behavior will poison the possibility for your new growth to take root… which entails  living a double life.

You have to let go of what has hurt you,  face the truth of your actions and seek forgiveness; to understand why your past is attached to your present moment. To know why you have been holding on …is when you gain the wisdom to let it go.

~ WOW ~

Window 36 – Hidden blessings in hardships

~Amidst the surface of every difficult situation is the need for some internal shift to take place in order to create the external change you desire. But if your focus is solely on your struggle, the door for a change will seem impossible to open. ~

When faced with a difficult situation if you stand looking at it frozen in fear the situation will consume you and you will become the situation.

You have no control of what goes on around you or what you will have to endure… you only have control of yourself; and your reaction will determine how you go through a situation with either Grace or disgrace.

There is always a solution to a problem but if you spin in thought with no action nothing will ever change. There has to be an internal shift from mindless thought to heartfelt listening in order to hear the door unlocking for your entrance to a change.

~ WOW ~

Window 35 – Remember where you came from

~ If you forget where you came from you just might fall back into the same situation you worked so hard to get out of. ~

We learn the most through pain and suffering… It is not the way we would like to learn but for some reason it is the most effective way for building our inner strength and faith; which helps us grow and evolve into what we are trying to become.

It is through what we learn that is supposed to keep us awake and alert  for the warning signs that will help prevent us from falling back into the same old behavior patterns that lead us into similar situations from our past.  

 when we get caught up within our new-found changes we start  to look ahead with excitement for what is to come; and that is when we quickly start to  forget where we came from.  Then before we even know it we are back into a similar situation that we never thought we would be in again.

The present moment is the only way to stay alert to ensure your present state of change. But… you also need to reflect  when old feeling arise to validate that you truly did change.

~ WOW ~

Window 34 – You are stronger than you know

~You will always be pushed to what you think is your limit… but as you survive your worst day you gain inner strength that will push you through your next limit with grace and ease.~

We when are going through hard times it can seem like you are buried alive and that there is no way out. Fear can become a constant cloud that will magnify everything into being worse than what it really is…but somehow and some way right when you are at the breaking point a change always surfaces.

It is always after a change takes place that we feel we must have endured our biggest challenge due to the magnitude of what we endured but another one always seems to come. Your  hardships in life have been your stepping-stones that have led you up into this moment, and you survived your walk through all of them.

Don’t forget what you became, from what you went through… Because if you  look back in a positive reflection of what was; it should show you that what is, will all be OK.

Your next challenge may not be what you have to endure… it might just be a test of your faith, to see if you will endure it with grace.

~ wow ~

Window 33 – Riding a wave of the ego is a short ride

It takes no effort to follow the voice of your ego; it is the voice that claims to have the remedy to free you from boredom, regret, sadness, anger and loneliness and fulfill you with all yourself absorbed desires.  The ego tunes out the voice of your heart and it tricks you into believing that you are actually hearing it because of how good you are feeling.

Your ride of temporary happiness will eventually subside  and place you back into the same lower state of mind that you were in before you jumped on the train of your ego.  Riding that train is just a temporary detour from having to face the reality of yourself and what you are avoiding.

Listening to the voice of your heart is NOT the “easy road”; and it takes a conscious effort to stay connected and an even stronger effort to follow the guidance that is voiced.  Your Heart is the vessel that connects you to a higher source, which provides whispers of guidance for this journey of lessons.  

The purpose for enduring this journey is one that none of us can truly know for sure, but… we all are wired with the same vessel which provides the universal message to view yourself and others with love, respect and forgiveness and then apply that view to your difficult situations to help on your continued walk, verses following your ego and continually falling.

~ WOW ~

Window 32 – Seeking Love in other before yourself

~When you do not have love and respect for yourself you will be constantly searching for love in other people or surrounding yourself with the love of “things” to over ride your discontentment.~

It is the internal wounds from your past that have been undiagnosed or  have been left unattended that create the delusion that you are not good enough and that you need others or “things “ to fill the internal void of  your emptiness.

You cannot visually see your wounds you have to look for the warning signs that they are still bleeding.  Such as… struggling when alone with yourself and internal thoughts, the need to buy or strive for things that are out of your means to feel important or loved, being in a committed loving relationship but still desiring love and intimacy of others to feel complete and the endless feeling of needing more and never feeling satisfied in the present moment.

You have to face the truth of your actions to create a true change… and healing the wound is the only way to stop the constant ooze of poison that strips away the love and respect of yourself which in turn wounds others.  

When you seek fulfillment with bleeding wounds; you create an illusion of temporary love and happiness that will crash and burn and leave you in a continued cycle of searching. It is when you acknowledge, forgive and heal that you obtain true contentment within.   When you are content… no other person or thing will define you or weaken your spirit because your wounds are no longer open.


  ~ WOW ~

Window 31 -The storm before a change

You will know when your prayers for a change or a spiritual awakening are about to be fulfilled, when you suddenly feel a disruption of your inner peace.   Fear will begin to encompass you and negative thoughts will surface screaming that the changes you dream of are impossible and will never happen for you.

It is an unseen dark source that is trying to diminish your hope, faith and knowing that the love for you from a higher power truly exists. If you become exhausted and quit before the change is revealed… It  would be like running a race and as you are about to cross the finish line you stop… when only having one step left to take.

Darkness is fighting for you to quit and turn your back on the light; because it knows that if you cross that finish line… your faith love and connection to the light will become unbreakable, which will shield darkness from being able to sabotage your mind to control you.

Giving up is not an option for answered prayers… you have to remain alert and continue walking in your heart has you endure the dark storms. Just as there is calm before a storm in the physical world, there will be a storm before a spiritual miracle takes place.

~ WOW ~

Loss and Connection

Every single one of us has a hidden key for a club membership that  we do not want to join and fear ever having to use our key. Without ever opening the club door we can sense what it is like inside through the tear filled eyes of the established members.

Those that have never had to use their key cannot understand the emptiness and silence that takes over you upon entry.  The second you become a member it is like you are screaming at the top of your lungs with no sound, but your ears are ringing from the screams…The life you once knew is suddenly in a fast forward motion while your heart is trying desperately to rewind at the same time.

To use your hidden key you have to become a member; but your membership can only be validated the moment you experience the death of a loved one.

 Until you become a member… all you can do is try to envision the feeling of having to use your key… But once you are a member… the love, compassion and empathy that overcomes as you witness another person being anointed into membership, will create a connection and invisible bond … and that is why it becomes a club.

~ WOW ~

I write this for my friend Cheri who is already a member of the club and today she lost her best friend and is welcoming some new members. My heart and prayers go out to Cheri, Wendy, Norah and the rest of Wendy’s family and anyone else that is reading this and is a member or knows a member.

Window 30 – Know your truth

~The truth about yourself is the most difficult to hear, but when you “own” your truth hearing it will not hurt. ~

The truth of who you are is healing when you can face it… It awakens you in areas that you never knew were blocked. But getting to that place is difficult because it is really hard to look deep into what others see or into what you have kept hidden from your own consciousness.

When you are truthful in everything about yourself… you are free to be you without carrying the weight of hidden stress in being found out to be something other than what you have claimed.

To live your truth you must own it first and if you try to take ownership of someone else’s voice, you will waver when questioned. Your truth can only be found through the core of your heart.  It does not mean you are right or wrong it is just your truth…But only if it is true from within.

~ WOW ~

Window 29 – Layers of the past

As you awaken and begin to remove the layers of your past pain and conditioning; be prepared for certain family members and friends who have been woven into the fabric of those old layers to be in disbelief that you truly removed those layers.   They will be the ones that will hold onto the threads of your old layers; expecting or hoping that they can sew you back into the layers of who you once were.

You will be ridiculed for your awakened thinking and some will believe that your changes are just a temporary phase and that you will grow tired and seek shelter back into your old layers. You have to remember that this new found pathway has always been laid out for you but through the shift in your consciousness the steps became visible.

When a person observing your changes takes it personal they are just in fear of being left behind.  Every person is woven within each other’s layers for a specific purpose… some people will continue on your journey and some will be left behind, but every person is a stepping stone leading you exactly to where you are meant to be.

New steps take you out of your comfort zone and there will be times that you feel very alone and your “mind” will tug on your old threaded layers  to make you think that going backwards for comfort will help ease your walk but… In taking a step backwards; you will find the old steps no longer feel comfortable and will not even look the same.

Do not fear the unknown path ahead of you… just trust that the needed steps will be revealed to you when you are ready; and know that you will interconnect with other people along the way walking a path parallel to yours.

~ WOW ~