Window 20 – The distraction of your ego


The Ego is always in fear of being diminished, which is why it works so hard at playing mind games in hopes of distracting you away from the voice of your heart; because it knows that the Heart is the vessel to hear the voice of guidance from a higher source.

Whenever you are stressed and worried the Ego gets excited because it is being fed…. If it can push you into choosing the choice of the mind over your heart it gets more meals for the price of one; because when you choose your mind the free meal for the ego will come from guilt, and once you swallow guilt, it can become an endless buffet of fuel for the ego depending on how long you hold on to  it.

Heart made choices are not always the easy choice, but they are the choices that fuel your soul and awaken you to higher levels that you never knew existed  within; which in turn will feed the souls of everyone that you come in contact with on your journey because you are connecting through a source that everyone shares .

~ WOW ~

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