Spiritual playground

The spirit world is not a playground …. Just as there are mixes of people in this physical world of good and bad there are the same mixes of spirit in the spiritual world. The big difference between worlds is that not everyone can see the spirit world so those that are intrigued and infatuated in seeking signs, validations and ghostly thrills have no clue of what lingers, follows and will hunt them. It is a door that can never be closed once opened.

The fascination with the spirit world has escalated to a level that is good in the sense that people are becoming aware that we are eternal…. but the intrigue is also fueling dark spirits to take over those that are weak minded, searching for a purpose or those who believe that the spirit world is for a thrill ride of entertainment.

Among the seekers are fraudulent spiritual mediums, ghost hunters, and paranormal investigators that have nothing more than a strong intuition or no ability at all and they are so intrigued with the unseen that they long to be a part of it.   They are merely actors who believe the super natural is the “it job” and the role of a “medium or  investigator” feeds their ego and lines their pockets as they prey on the emotions of people suffering or who are seekers like themselves.

What the actor’s don’t know is that they are actually the ones being played by darkness; because if they cannot see it…. It will present itself as light and actually appear to make them believe what they are seeing is really a “being” of the light side. This trickery of darkness changes the perception of the actor to believe that they really do have an ability to see spirit; which fuels them to connect with more and more people and feed’s a connection to darkness like a chain letter.

Everyone has had some sort of spiritual encounter either through a dream, a spiritual visit or an unexplained sign… Sharing one’s encounter or experience is a wonderful way of validating and helping others who have gone through something similar but…. when you move beyond the experience and become  intrigued with desire to seek more experiences;  it is like inviting a wild animal into your home and locking yourself inside without have a key or tool to get out.

The spirit world is not a path for every being…. Even though we are  all spiritual being’s having a human experience… it does not mean that  human beings are suppose to create a spiritual experience  on their own accord.

If the spirit world wants you to know something from a passed loved one or needs to give you guidance on your physical journey; it will happen unequivocally through a dream, sign or message from another person or source that cannot be explained; but will be validated by your heart.

You are not thrown into this physical world without guidance…. All the signs you need for your walk are everywhere but if you are too busy “seeking” to find them you will never notice them.

~ WOW~