Window 22 – Don’t project your insecurities on others

~When we read between the lines of what others are saying we are actually making up lines between the words being spoken due to our own internal judgment of our self and we assume others are feeling and thinking the same negative thoughts we feel. ~

When we are struggling with our own private thoughts or insecurities we believe those issues are seen by everyone we come in contact with which in turn makes us judge ourselves even harder. When we are already sensitive and fragile and then someone opens up a conversation and it has elements of our insecurities our Ego will tell us that we are being attacked or demeaned by the person speaking.

So instead of hearing the truth in the words spoken, we are thinking in-between the spaces of the words and spinning on our insecurities which distracts us from hearing what is really being said. It is such a cycle that can keep us stagnant in a clouded perception of reality that we begin to believe that the cloud is our truth and we become even more depressed about our insecurities due to a simple conversation.

 What we forget is that our insecurities became attached through our views and perceptions from other people in childhood and relationships of our past, but… What someone labeled you does not make it true and one can only label another if they have been labeled themselves.

If you  can remove your  clouded perception with the light of your heart you  will be able to see that you are not your negative thoughts! But…. You  must always be alert and present when engaging in a conversation to ensure that you are hearing the words of truth and not creating the words of an old label.

~ WOW ~

4 thoughts on “Window 22 – Don’t project your insecurities on others

  1. Yes, very true. I think it is human nature though to ‘read between the lines’. It is our way of judging and we do it without knowing but as long as we are more than happy to correct and admit we were wrong then that is what makes a good person.

    Everyone gets labelled like you say but you are right that it doesn’t make it true. Only what we want to be is true.

    Nice post.

  2. The most profound statement that I ever heard is much like what you are saying
    “You will only feel, how you let others make you feel” short but, cuts to the quick

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