Window 23 – Don’t be a passenger in your own life

~If you are not in the driver’s seat of your own life… it is like being a passenger in your own car without a driver. ~

If you are following the road that others are traveling out of fear and the uncertainty of taking a different route; you will be the one hitting the pot holes, speed bumps, gravel and ice to show you that the route you are on was not designed for your vehicle; But the vehicle is you.

There are many dealerships and designs of cars and everyone has their own preference as to which they prefer and which fits their life style and budget but when you follow another’s choice to fit in or out of fear it is like you are buying the car for the person you follow.

You are here on a personal life journey which is mapped with your very own purpose, passion and path to take and if you are a people pleaser and following others because you are in fear of being alone or judged; than it will always be like you are enrolled in a driver’s training course.

Follow your heart and take the road that your heart is pulling you toward and Drive!!! There may be some road conditions or caution signs along the way but at least they are the signs for your personal  journey…. Because if you are always following the road of others, the signs you see are not really meant for you so that is why even though you’re tail gating the people you follow, you still end up lost.

~ WOW~