Window 24 – Your mind has many channels but you are the remote

View your mind like a Television… You are the remote and the television is your thoughts.  You have an unlimited amount of channels to choose from and the capability to change the channel at any given moment when you feel a shift that begins to deplete your energy.

You also have the option to just turn off your thoughts… but silencing the mind can be a struggle so you might have to remove yourself from a room, person or situation to obtain different scenery to create clarity and stillness to enable you to press the off button.

The hardest part about being the remote for your thoughts is that you have a built in rewind & fast-forward mechanism which is accessible without even having to press a button.  A Mere flash of past pain or hope for the future will instantaneously change your thoughts forward or backwards which completely pulls you out of the present moment and keeps in reruns.

 But… your remote is equipped with a  hidden override switch for that mechanism; and all you have to do is search for positive channels that energize and uplift your spirit which will slowly drain its strength.

The key to being the remote of your thoughts is that you have a choice in what you choose to think about.  Focus on channels that connect to your heart and you will create love, happiness, laughter and joy within; which will connect to the hearts of others.

  When we are all viewing channels of the heart, we empower one another in peace and love because we are seeing each other as one.

 ~ WOW ~