Window 25 – Envy blocks your gifts

~When we envy another’s life over the value of our own we are blocking Great Spirit from working through us to create something more than what we envy. ~

If your focus is always on what you don’t have then why should the universe grant you anything new to complain about.  Whatever type of life situation you are in is for a reason and there is a hidden purpose that you need to be seeking to advance you into the next phase of your journey.

You never know the journey that someone has endured and the faith they carry to be living in extravagant blessings… And if the blessings are from birth and have multiplied with age; be assured that there are still deep unseen struggles that have happened or will be coming.   Every single person has hardships and what you may think is a gold paved road for someone is actually harder than it appears.

 The universe seems to operate in two ways… you are either  given everything and tested to see if you will be grounded and share your blessings with others or you are given just what you need to see if you will hold on to your blessings  or share them with others. Both scenarios have the same lesson in common and that is the lesson of fear verses faith.

We are here to find love, forgiveness and our connection to our creator… We are not here for personal gain or to see who wins the most toys. Love is all we take with us when we leave this physical world…  So stop looking at people and admiring their things; and start looking for people to connect heart to heart with because the abundance of love trumps all “things”.

~ WOW ~