Your Sacred Space

Your private living space reflects who you are and how you are feeling on the inside and if it is in disarray with clutter, dirt and kept dark…  not only will you feel that way; but…. It is a welcome mat for a dark spirit to enter your home.

Darkness feeds on filth and it is so sly… It will happen so fast and you won’t even know you have an unwanted guest; but you will feel a shift in your energy that you cannot explain.  You have to remember that darkness already knows your weaknesses and insecurities; so if something in your life throws you for a loop and you begin to struggle and put your household on the back burner it can slowly take over your home in ways that can drain your perception of seeing how bad it really is.

I am not saying that every messy home has an unwanted guest… I am just offering preventive measures for what I have found in the many homes that I have been contacted to remove something unwanted.  If you already aware that something is not right in your home the first steps are to clean it before anything can be done. Darkness does not feel comfortable in the light or a clean area.

Your sacred space should be something you come home to that is your own little heaven…  Even  if it is a cardboard box; if it is organized and clean you will feel light.  Sun and Air energize your spirit; so “Open” your blinds and let the sun in, open the windows and let the fresh air flow but most of all take pride in your sacred space because if you are already being drained in the outside world at least you will feel cozy, clean and light in your private space which will recharge you instead of depleting your charge.

~ WOW ~