window 27- Be responsible with your energy

When you do things in an irritated or begrudging state of mind the outcome and energy that is flowing through the task you are doing will be laced with negativity and anyone on the receiving end of our actions will feel the poison.

If you can remember to be conscious and responsible of your energy it will help awaken you in those crucial moments when you start to feel a downward shift of your energy; then you will be able to pull back that negative energy and quickly counteract it into something positive before it spreads any farther than your thoughts.

When you align and interact from your heart no matter how trivial or mundane the task at hand may be the loving energy will flow into it and will connect to everyone that comes in contact with it.

~ WOW ~

Window 26 – Believe your inner knowing

When you have an unexplainable inner pull to toward a direction that does not makes sense but you get validations through signs that it is the way…You have to make a move because the universe has orchestrated everything to answer your prayers and  your test of faith is in your first step. But… if you choose to stay in the same direction and ignore the signs; then you can no longer complain for a change.

~ WOW ~