Window 28 – Maintaining Inner peace

~Don’t allow what is happening around you shake your inner peace into chaos… Remain still and allow it to pass through you so your inner peace filters into what is happening.~

If you absorb everything toxic that is going on around you…You will just be fueling the chaotic energy that is passing through you and it will become an explosive. We have no control of what is going on around us but if we maintain control of our self and state of inner peace; that energy can help neutralize and break up the power of the explosive as it drifts by towards another person.

Happiness, peace and stillness is a choice… it take’s a “conscious” effort to maintain so don’t allow another person’s drama, fear or actions disrupt your state of happiness…Instead; disrupt their negativity by defusing it with  the love and the peaceful energy you are holding in your heart.

~ WOW ~