Window 29 – Layers of the past

As you awaken and begin to remove the layers of your past pain and conditioning; be prepared for certain family members and friends who have been woven into the fabric of those old layers to be in disbelief that you truly removed those layers.   They will be the ones that will hold onto the threads of your old layers; expecting or hoping that they can sew you back into the layers of who you once were.

You will be ridiculed for your awakened thinking and some will believe that your changes are just a temporary phase and that you will grow tired and seek shelter back into your old layers. You have to remember that this new found pathway has always been laid out for you but through the shift in your consciousness the steps became visible.

When a person observing your changes takes it personal they are just in fear of being left behind.  Every person is woven within each other’s layers for a specific purpose… some people will continue on your journey and some will be left behind, but every person is a stepping stone leading you exactly to where you are meant to be.

New steps take you out of your comfort zone and there will be times that you feel very alone and your “mind” will tug on your old threaded layers  to make you think that going backwards for comfort will help ease your walk but… In taking a step backwards; you will find the old steps no longer feel comfortable and will not even look the same.

Do not fear the unknown path ahead of you… just trust that the needed steps will be revealed to you when you are ready; and know that you will interconnect with other people along the way walking a path parallel to yours.

~ WOW ~