Window 30 – Know your truth

~The truth about yourself is the most difficult to hear, but when you “own” your truth hearing it will not hurt. ~

The truth of who you are is healing when you can face it… It awakens you in areas that you never knew were blocked. But getting to that place is difficult because it is really hard to look deep into what others see or into what you have kept hidden from your own consciousness.

When you are truthful in everything about yourself… you are free to be you without carrying the weight of hidden stress in being found out to be something other than what you have claimed.

To live your truth you must own it first and if you try to take ownership of someone else’s voice, you will waver when questioned. Your truth can only be found through the core of your heart.  It does not mean you are right or wrong it is just your truth…But only if it is true from within.

~ WOW ~

8 thoughts on “Window 30 – Know your truth

  1. I’ve been learning this the past few weeks, funny how a person can get so far in understanding one area of their truth, yet miss a lot about another. I noticed that self reflection without external interaction will only take me so far. After all, I can only think of so many things on my own, but another person in the mix adds much content to the investigation. Great Post!

    • I agree with you totally and I know exactly what you mean and I dealt with someone this week that was speaking their truth and then change it three times in the conversation and I was like you need to figure out what you really feel and own it! I think we have all been there.
      Thank you so much for commenting! Have a great week!

  2. Great post! That people must struggle to discover their own truth is something that hit me hard. Inner conflict is really the most difficult, because it’s a matter of digging deep and making explicit all those unconscious things we’ve been bottling up for the entirety of our lives. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Great post. I have been there. I wish the whole world read your post…and lived it daily…what a world it would be… keep writing and moving peoples hearts.

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