Loss and Connection

Every single one of us has a hidden key for a club membership that  we do not want to join and fear ever having to use our key. Without ever opening the club door we can sense what it is like inside through the tear filled eyes of the established members.

Those that have never had to use their key cannot understand the emptiness and silence that takes over you upon entry.  The second you become a member it is like you are screaming at the top of your lungs with no sound, but your ears are ringing from the screams…The life you once knew is suddenly in a fast forward motion while your heart is trying desperately to rewind at the same time.

To use your hidden key you have to become a member; but your membership can only be validated the moment you experience the death of a loved one.

 Until you become a member… all you can do is try to envision the feeling of having to use your key… But once you are a member… the love, compassion and empathy that overcomes as you witness another person being anointed into membership, will create a connection and invisible bond … and that is why it becomes a club.

~ WOW ~

I write this for my friend Cheri who is already a member of the club and today she lost her best friend and is welcoming some new members. My heart and prayers go out to Cheri, Wendy, Norah and the rest of Wendy’s family and anyone else that is reading this and is a member or knows a member.