Window 31 -The storm before a change

You will know when your prayers for a change or a spiritual awakening are about to be fulfilled, when you suddenly feel a disruption of your inner peace.   Fear will begin to encompass you and negative thoughts will surface screaming that the changes you dream of are impossible and will never happen for you.

It is an unseen dark source that is trying to diminish your hope, faith and knowing that the love for you from a higher power truly exists. If you become exhausted and quit before the change is revealed… It  would be like running a race and as you are about to cross the finish line you stop… when only having one step left to take.

Darkness is fighting for you to quit and turn your back on the light; because it knows that if you cross that finish line… your faith love and connection to the light will become unbreakable, which will shield darkness from being able to sabotage your mind to control you.

Giving up is not an option for answered prayers… you have to remain alert and continue walking in your heart has you endure the dark storms. Just as there is calm before a storm in the physical world, there will be a storm before a spiritual miracle takes place.

~ WOW ~