Window 32 – Seeking Love in other before yourself

~When you do not have love and respect for yourself you will be constantly searching for love in other people or surrounding yourself with the love of “things” to over ride your discontentment.~

It is the internal wounds from your past that have been undiagnosed or  have been left unattended that create the delusion that you are not good enough and that you need others or “things “ to fill the internal void of  your emptiness.

You cannot visually see your wounds you have to look for the warning signs that they are still bleeding.  Such as… struggling when alone with yourself and internal thoughts, the need to buy or strive for things that are out of your means to feel important or loved, being in a committed loving relationship but still desiring love and intimacy of others to feel complete and the endless feeling of needing more and never feeling satisfied in the present moment.

You have to face the truth of your actions to create a true change… and healing the wound is the only way to stop the constant ooze of poison that strips away the love and respect of yourself which in turn wounds others.  

When you seek fulfillment with bleeding wounds; you create an illusion of temporary love and happiness that will crash and burn and leave you in a continued cycle of searching. It is when you acknowledge, forgive and heal that you obtain true contentment within.   When you are content… no other person or thing will define you or weaken your spirit because your wounds are no longer open.


  ~ WOW ~

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