Window 33 – Riding a wave of the ego is a short ride

It takes no effort to follow the voice of your ego; it is the voice that claims to have the remedy to free you from boredom, regret, sadness, anger and loneliness and fulfill you with all yourself absorbed desires.  The ego tunes out the voice of your heart and it tricks you into believing that you are actually hearing it because of how good you are feeling.

Your ride of temporary happiness will eventually subside  and place you back into the same lower state of mind that you were in before you jumped on the train of your ego.  Riding that train is just a temporary detour from having to face the reality of yourself and what you are avoiding.

Listening to the voice of your heart is NOT the “easy road”; and it takes a conscious effort to stay connected and an even stronger effort to follow the guidance that is voiced.  Your Heart is the vessel that connects you to a higher source, which provides whispers of guidance for this journey of lessons.  

The purpose for enduring this journey is one that none of us can truly know for sure, but… we all are wired with the same vessel which provides the universal message to view yourself and others with love, respect and forgiveness and then apply that view to your difficult situations to help on your continued walk, verses following your ego and continually falling.

~ WOW ~

4 thoughts on “Window 33 – Riding a wave of the ego is a short ride

  1. My ego can be so alluring, seductive and thrilling, and so very easy to listen to and follow. You are so right about the voice of our heart, it’s not the easy way. But I have never once regretted following my heart’s subtle voice, nor have I ever been knocked back down to ground zero by it. My ego on the other hand… That little trickster has been the root of much needless suffering. My heart reminds me to be easy on myself though, to understand my ego for what and why it is-usually fear.

    Thank you for a beautiful post!

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