Window 35 – Remember where you came from

~ If you forget where you came from you just might fall back into the same situation you worked so hard to get out of. ~

We learn the most through pain and suffering… It is not the way we would like to learn but for some reason it is the most effective way for building our inner strength and faith; which helps us grow and evolve into what we are trying to become.

It is through what we learn that is supposed to keep us awake and alert  for the warning signs that will help prevent us from falling back into the same old behavior patterns that lead us into similar situations from our past.  

 when we get caught up within our new-found changes we start  to look ahead with excitement for what is to come; and that is when we quickly start to  forget where we came from.  Then before we even know it we are back into a similar situation that we never thought we would be in again.

The present moment is the only way to stay alert to ensure your present state of change. But… you also need to reflect  when old feeling arise to validate that you truly did change.

~ WOW ~

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