Window 36 – Hidden blessings in hardships

~Amidst the surface of every difficult situation is the need for some internal shift to take place in order to create the external change you desire. But if your focus is solely on your struggle, the door for a change will seem impossible to open. ~

When faced with a difficult situation if you stand looking at it frozen in fear the situation will consume you and you will become the situation.

You have no control of what goes on around you or what you will have to endure… you only have control of yourself; and your reaction will determine how you go through a situation with either Grace or disgrace.

There is always a solution to a problem but if you spin in thought with no action nothing will ever change. There has to be an internal shift from mindless thought to heartfelt listening in order to hear the door unlocking for your entrance to a change.

~ WOW ~

4 thoughts on “Window 36 – Hidden blessings in hardships

  1. Spinning in thought is a natural instinct for me. I was just reading “Mindfulness in Plain English” by Henepola Gunaratana. He states:
    ” Don’t ponder: You don’t need to figure everything out. Discursive thinking won’t free you from the trap. In mediation, the mind is purified naturally by mindfulness, by wordless bare attention. Concepts and reasoning just get in the way. Don’t think. See.”

    I “think” I spend time thinking versus seeing then seeing versus doing. I’m making some progress though- thank you for this! Great post!

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