Window 60 – Awakening your inner spirit

The process of awakening to the voice of your inner spirit can only begin when you stop seeking to find your purpose and value as a person through the eyes and judgment of others.

You are not here by accident, you are not what you see in the mirror and you are not what others see, you are unique… your path, talent and purpose are not something you can create; they are already within you and will be revealed to you only by the connection of your inner spirit.

If your desire and envy for another person’s path is followed; your steps will not leave an imprint and the light of your spirit will dim with every continued step. It is only when you stop searching to find yourself; that the whispers of your spirit can be heard clearly, and the direction of your path, purpose and abilities will be shown.

~ WOW~

Window 59 – Mind vs Heart

A Screaming mind may be able to silence a whisper from being heard, but a heart can whisper in a silent scream that a mind cannot hear.

The chatter of our mind can be so loud that we believe it must be the voice of our heart. But… true heart whispers from spirit do not come in a tone of insanity or desperation they are “felt” like the sound of a scream, but heard from within, with an unquestionable inner knowing of guidance that the mind could never hear or understand even in a state of silence.

Pay attention to the whispers… They are from the divine offering you guidance and protection that your ego is trying to block you from hearing to maintain its existence.

~ WOW~

Window 58 – Our internal truth –

The truth of your unconscious thoughts, intentions and actions will show you the aspects of yourself that must be acknowledged and changed in order to awaken to a higher consciousness of self.

Our silent thoughts and feelings show us the truth behind our words and actions that we must face and dissect in order to see the cause of why we keep our true feelings silent.

There are many levels of  consciousness and in order to keep awakening we must continually peel away the layers of negativity that our ego has held onto from our past experiences.  It is the toxic layers of negativity and denial that block us from seeing our true intentions behind our actions.

When we are open and ready to face our internal truth, our truth will show us what is needed to be healed.

~ WOW ~

Window 57 – Fear changes our worth

You are worth everything with nothing, but if your view of life is distorted by your things, profession or people; you are diminishing the worth of yourself and will seek to find it within things or people like yourself, who have no worth.

We are all  equal and all worth the same; it is our “ego” that casts judgment and compares us to others for the basis of our self-worth.  It doesn’t matter if you think more of yourself or less of yourself because both types of “thoughts” come from the same “fear” of  worth.

If the ego was non-existent we would only see each other as one and of the same worth.  So… if we seek to tune the ego out and tune into the voice of our heart, we connect to the heart of our soul and our true self shine’s without the need to seek anything.

You are enough, you are worthy of receiving everything you dream of, your past is not you, your thoughts are not you and you are loved. So…. own your worth and help others to see it within them because we are all one; and we must help one another to see and own it within, so no one feels less than anyone in worth.

~ WOW ~

Window 56 – Our questions are the answers

The questions that you ask others about yourself and your actions are actually the answers that you are formulating into a question hoping to hear something different so you don’t have to face the truth of who you are or what you should  or should not be doing.

We all know the truth of who we are and what we are doing but when we cannot face our truth or fear the change of doing what we know we should; we seek the opinion of others to either gain acceptance for our choices or  to seek the path of what another person is walking so if it does not work out we are not to blame.

We hold all of the answers within for our life walk so the next time you find yourself asking questions out of fear of  facing the truth or facing making a known needed change… just listen to your questions and you will hear the answers out loud as the same answers you already heard within.

~ WOW ~

Window 55 – Nature is a piece of Heaven

Nature is a piece of the spirit world that is shared with the physical world for the purpose of providing  some comforts of home; that are to help us stay connected to our source, as we endure our physical journey.

The elements of nature hold the messages, magic, miracles and signs from the spirit world that connects to the spirit of who we are, through the elements that we connected with, as a spirit.  

Our connection with nature is what unconsciously recharges our spirit: that is why we seek to be in nature on our vacations, surround our homes in plants, trees, rocks and bird-feeders and send flowers as a means of comfort, celebration and cheer for one another because they are a reminder of home.

Nature calls and pulls us into it for a higher purpose other than its beauty; we must not ignore it, abuse it or take it for granted… We must cherish it and connect to the simplicity of signs and warnings that are given  to help us stay grounded and aligned with our source.

~ WOW ~

Window 54 – Connection for a divine lesson

Every person that enters your life and every situation that you experience is orchestrated by the universe for a divine purpose and teaching that is needed for each of us to awaken, heal and evolve.

We all experience hardships and struggles in life and have met people that we may wish had never crossed our path but… it is through both our negative and positive experiences and the people connected to those experiences that have help to mold us into who we are today.

 If you are unhappy with who you are and what you are doing in your life you cannot place blame on another person or event from your past but… you can look back to find your lessons that you may have over looked, skipped or cheated on to help you find the truth to move forward.

There are hidden blessings within every experience and person we have contact with and if we don’t seek to find the blessings in every situation we are not passing the lessons. But when we can find gratitude for our hardships just  as much as we do our blessings; we will then see only blessings and face any hardship with acceptance and grace… which is a silent way of honoring the universe for giving us the lessons.

~ WOW~

Window 53 – Comfort in Drama

When chaos and drama are the “normal” in your life they will also become your unconscious comfort zone that you seek because stillness and peace will feel so abnormal and uncomfortable.

The people who are constantly complaining about hating drama are always the people who are surrounded by it everywhere they go… Drama does not just randomly appear it appears when people purge what they are struggling with from past wounds.

Pain that has not been acknowledged, healed and forgiven will keep you spinning in the past and looking for a smidgen of familiarity of it recurrence in every person and situation. The toxicity of holding on to pain has to be released so if you can feel your pain through another persons actions it will give you justification for holding onto your pain and for your actions in releasing your anger.

We choose drama, it does not choose us…So if stillness does not bring you peace and being alone with your thoughts makes you feel lonely;  you are finding peace and comfort in negativity. If you truly want to be drama free you will let go of your past ,stop complaining and  find no complaints in your present moment because you will be choosing to remain at peace.

~ WOW ~

Window 52 – Loving yourself

When we base our self-worth on having someone to love us above having love for our self … we will  connect with others who are looking for love, instead of looking to extend their love.

True love must be found within yourself and for yourself first; before you can truly own it for another person. Unfortunately many of us do not feel it for ourselves because of past pain and life choices that have tarnished our self-worth; so we constantly seek to “feel” it through the attention of others.

A true connection of love between two people will only be pure and solid if both parties own love for themselves; otherwise one or both will be seekers that will always be seeking to find fulfillment through others and things outside the relationship.

When you” own” love and respect for yourself you will not betray yourself to have a superficial love from another person.  You must look deep within and feel the love from your creator, be the love you feel, know that you are worth the love you feel,  then extend your love to others… to help them  awaken to see that they too can own it within and that they are worthy.

~ WOW ~

Window 51 – Baggage we carry and leave behind

The baggage left by our ancestors is not placed in the lost and found… it is passed down to the bloodline of new arrivals for them to carry.

We are born into a world surrounded by invisible luggage that is filled with the conditioning of our parents, their parents and so on and so on…The contents of each bag will either become the clothing of our soul that we carry and pass down or that of which we detach and dispose of on our journey and for those who follow.

No matter what circumstances we were born into; we are all given a heart of our own that provides personal insight and guidance to follow or we can choose to follow what we witness in others.  The imprints left behind by our ancestors are not the blue-prints for how we should live… they were left to show us what was, but we are here to do better.

~WOW ~