Window 39 – Turning your head to what is right

~The person that knows the path of Light and turns their head to follow darkness… is worse off than the person who is walking in darkness and has never seen the lighted path. ~

When you know what is right you are supposed do better, when you don’t know any better you will do what do until you crash and learn… and then you are suppose to do better.

Finding the light is easy but letting go of your old ways is the difficult part; because it’s more comfortable, even though you are spiritually uncomfortable…The temporary quick fixes of happiness that you have on your old path is what hinders you from seeing that happiness “is” the new path.

The path of light  is not for the self absorbed; because you will not feel fulfilled until you learn that serving others is more fulfilling to” you” than who you serve. One thing that is not an option… is to walk on both paths of old and new because a true change involves changing and if you are not committed to a change; your footprints will not leave an imprint no matter how many steps you have taken on your new path.

Doing what is right keeps your light strong which will connect you to other bright lights, and  promotes love and peace.  If you choose to turn your back on the light even temporarily , finding your way back will be harder than when you found it the first time.

~ WOW ~

Window 38 – The truth is not always pretty

~Never fear the truth… because it illuminates the direction of where you are supposed to be.~

When you step off the path of truth to walk on the path of lies, denial and betrayal; you are” purposely” choosing to walk a dark road instead of following the lighted path that the universe has laid out for you.

The truth is not always pretty and once it surfaces it will be accompanied by a  major change. The fear of change and  leaving your comfort zone is what keeps you frozen in lies of darkness; which clouds your perception into the belief that a change is detrimental to your future.

Face your fears with your eyes wide open and follow the road of truth… because when you choose to follow the road of a lie or denial; you will be traveling on a dead-end road  in which the universe will take away your option of truth, and illuminate it for you and others to see.

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