Window 41 – Own your emotions to heal

~When you take ownership of your own fears and insecurities is when you can set yourself free of them. But when you hold others responsible for wounds you delay your own healing or become the wound. ~

You have to take care of your own injuries…waiting for an apology or a retraction from another person to end your suffering will never be the antidote for your healing.  When a person inflicts you with hurtful words or actions that person is just releasing the pain from a wound that has been inflicted upon them; and by you taking ownership of “their” actions or words you become wounded.

Releasing the person or the cause for your wound and replacing your attention toward healing the wound is when your recovery is quick and your scaring will be minimal or obsolete. But… when your focus is on the “who, “what “or” why” you were inflicted; your wound is left open and it will heal leaving massive scaring which will be a constant reminder that you were wounded, and you will wound others.

No other person can make you feel fearful or lower about yourself unless you already own those thoughts, or if you have had a previous wound in the same area.  In order to heal,  you must first own up to the fact that you are wounded and then  through your ownership  you will be able to see that you just have a wound, but the wound is not who you are.

~WOW ~

7 thoughts on “Window 41 – Own your emotions to heal

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  2. I like the part about how “the wound is not who you are.” When we get entrenched in our own pain we forget who we really are. Maybe for some of us we have been hurt so badly that we have never even known who we are apart from others’ opinions of us. It can be very scary to move past that. I am working on that myself.

    • It is an awakening that is life changing when you can see that what you carried and what others thought or think is not who you are… Words and judgment leave deep scares and I hear you when you say that it is scary to move past it… Just know you are light and your past choices do not define you, nor does any other person…every new moment we evolve and can change and see things in a new light that we have never seen before which erases our past thinking.

      If someone else is viewing you as your past it is they who is not living in it and that is why they cannot see the change.

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