Window 44 – Are you speaking for your heart or ego

~ You have to know the difference between” heart” and “ego” to know which one you are speaking from… and once you know the difference; you will be able to know which voice is speaking in others, to which  you will no longer take offense of the words or actions you witness.~

Your heart is your physical life source and it is also the portal for your spiritual connection to a higher source; which provides guidance through love, truth and compassion for us and others.

The mind has many compartments; so when it is said to turn your off your mind, it does not mean to turn off your common sense.   It just means to tune into the voice of your spirit; so you will see the depth of truth in a physical situation verses the false, self-righteous, self-serving and negativity from the voice of the ego.

The ego is the weakest compartment and it knows that if we tune into the voice of our heart, it will diminish and become almost nonexistent.  That is why it screams the loudest in hopes of detouring us from our heart to  which it gains  strength  but… the irony is that we have the power and control to choose which voice we listen and speak from.

Once you are able to tune into your heart, you will be able to” feel” which  voice is speaking through you and then you will be able to” see”  which voice  is speaking through others, which will help  guide you in your reaction.

~ WOW ~



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