Window 49 – Is your Heart or Ego showing?

The beauty of one’s heart out shines the beauty of one’s outer appearance… you can conceal the imperfections of your outer appearance to present yourself as light, but if you are dark inside, your reflection will be dark to yourself and others.

So much emphasis is place on one’s appearance and it is just a shell… it does not hold any other value except for identification.  As a society we have allowed the the physical appearance  and material things  be the basis for self-worth over the truth, love, light and compassion in a person.

Darkness always tries to pose as light just as people try to hide their dark ways behind their appearance… when we as a society can stop putting superficial beauty on a pedestal is when the spirit of one’s soul will be prevalent over how a person looks.

A spirit filled with love, kindness and truth can be covered in dirt and will always out-shine an ugly ego trying to disguise itself as light.

~ WOW ~