Window 50 – Different but Equal

We all are the same yet very  different and unique; so instead of voicing every opinion and giving stares of judgment, just let people be… because not only are  those whispers and stares  judgmental and rude,  they can also be the push that breaks the spirit of another person.

Everyone has different likes and dislikes and that is what makes us unique and adds flavor and color to life. Imagine if we all looked alike, drove the same car, decorated the same, wore the same cloths and liked all of the same music it would be so boring and we would all just be a mirror to one another.

No one’s “likes” is the right way, no one’s “dislikes” is the wrong way it is just a way! It is okay to have an opinion but “think” before voicing it or staring down someone with disgust… because you never know if a person is caring for a wound from past judgment or if your actions and judgment will be the wound they carry.

We need to embrace the differences between others and observe through the eyes of “why not”, so we are empowering one another and connecting to the spirit of one another over disconnecting and demeaning others through self-righteous opinions.

~ WOW ~