Window 51 – Baggage we carry and leave behind

The baggage left by our ancestors is not placed in the lost and found… it is passed down to the bloodline of new arrivals for them to carry.

We are born into a world surrounded by invisible luggage that is filled with the conditioning of our parents, their parents and so on and so on…The contents of each bag will either become the clothing of our soul that we carry and pass down or that of which we detach and dispose of on our journey and for those who follow.

No matter what circumstances we were born into; we are all given a heart of our own that provides personal insight and guidance to follow or we can choose to follow what we witness in others.  The imprints left behind by our ancestors are not the blue-prints for how we should live… they were left to show us what was, but we are here to do better.

~WOW ~

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