Window 54 – Connection for a divine lesson

Every person that enters your life and every situation that you experience is orchestrated by the universe for a divine purpose and teaching that is needed for each of us to awaken, heal and evolve.

We all experience hardships and struggles in life and have met people that we may wish had never crossed our path but… it is through both our negative and positive experiences and the people connected to those experiences that have help to mold us into who we are today.

 If you are unhappy with who you are and what you are doing in your life you cannot place blame on another person or event from your past but… you can look back to find your lessons that you may have over looked, skipped or cheated on to help you find the truth to move forward.

There are hidden blessings within every experience and person we have contact with and if we don’t seek to find the blessings in every situation we are not passing the lessons. But when we can find gratitude for our hardships just  as much as we do our blessings; we will then see only blessings and face any hardship with acceptance and grace… which is a silent way of honoring the universe for giving us the lessons.

~ WOW~

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