Window 56 – Our questions are the answers

The questions that you ask others about yourself and your actions are actually the answers that you are formulating into a question hoping to hear something different so you don’t have to face the truth of who you are or what you should  or should not be doing.

We all know the truth of who we are and what we are doing but when we cannot face our truth or fear the change of doing what we know we should; we seek the opinion of others to either gain acceptance for our choices or  to seek the path of what another person is walking so if it does not work out we are not to blame.

We hold all of the answers within for our life walk so the next time you find yourself asking questions out of fear of  facing the truth or facing making a known needed change… just listen to your questions and you will hear the answers out loud as the same answers you already heard within.

~ WOW ~

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