Window 57 – Fear changes our worth

You are worth everything with nothing, but if your view of life is distorted by your things, profession or people; you are diminishing the worth of yourself and will seek to find it within things or people like yourself, who have no worth.

We are all  equal and all worth the same; it is our “ego” that casts judgment and compares us to others for the basis of our self-worth.  It doesn’t matter if you think more of yourself or less of yourself because both types of “thoughts” come from the same “fear” of  worth.

If the ego was non-existent we would only see each other as one and of the same worth.  So… if we seek to tune the ego out and tune into the voice of our heart, we connect to the heart of our soul and our true self shine’s without the need to seek anything.

You are enough, you are worthy of receiving everything you dream of, your past is not you, your thoughts are not you and you are loved. So…. own your worth and help others to see it within them because we are all one; and we must help one another to see and own it within, so no one feels less than anyone in worth.

~ WOW ~

2 thoughts on “Window 57 – Fear changes our worth

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