Window 60 – Awakening your inner spirit

The process of awakening to the voice of your inner spirit can only begin when you stop seeking to find your purpose and value as a person through the eyes and judgment of others.

You are not here by accident, you are not what you see in the mirror and you are not what others see, you are unique… your path, talent and purpose are not something you can create; they are already within you and will be revealed to you only by the connection of your inner spirit.

If your desire and envy for another person’s path is followed; your steps will not leave an imprint and the light of your spirit will dim with every continued step. It is only when you stop searching to find yourself; that the whispers of your spirit can be heard clearly, and the direction of your path, purpose and abilities will be shown.

~ WOW~

Window 59 – Mind vs Heart

A Screaming mind may be able to silence a whisper from being heard, but a heart can whisper in a silent scream that a mind cannot hear.

The chatter of our mind can be so loud that we believe it must be the voice of our heart. But… true heart whispers from spirit do not come in a tone of insanity or desperation they are “felt” like the sound of a scream, but heard from within, with an unquestionable inner knowing of guidance that the mind could never hear or understand even in a state of silence.

Pay attention to the whispers… They are from the divine offering you guidance and protection that your ego is trying to block you from hearing to maintain its existence.

~ WOW~