Window 69 – Surrender and see where you land

When we resist our journey we are telling God that we know better.

We are not in charge of mapping out the destiny of the journey, we are just in charge of how we react to what we are destined for.  Our reaction determines the outcome of our future steps to which we will either continue on our destine path or   be re-routed until we surrender, to see that we are not in control.

~ WOW ~

Window 68 – Embracing the unknown

What we fight gains strength; which distracts us from shinning our light and places our focus on illuminating darkness.

Our fear of the unknown is what causes us to fight with what we know and for what we don’t want to lose out of fear for our dreaded “what if “of happening but…all of our fighting and freaking out will not change what will be; it just blocks our light from shining on the journey, before the outcome is revealed.

If we can consciously strive to remain in the present moment as we face the unknown, we will see that the unknown becomes the light with every darkened step, and we become the journey, instead of taking a journey.

~ WOW ~

Window 67 – True Beauty exists in the heart

One critical comment  to a person’s physical appearance can deplete one’s self esteem in an instant, and create a painful struggle of self-worth that can last a lifetime.

Every person that has seen a mirror is well aware of what they look like; and almost every person on the planet has some issue with their self-image that they may not love or they feel insecure about; so the last thing any person needs to hear is some negative critique, thought or opinion from another person.

Think before you speak, and think harder before you voice a negative comment about someone else’s appearance because not only is it hurtful and rude it can also be the breaking point for the person  hearing the negativity. For anyone on the receiving end of a negative comment just remember that the person voicing it is the person who is suffering  and although that does not make it right or acceptable, it is an awakening that can help you from taking it personal and taking ownership of the negativity.

Our physical shell is for identification purposes and does not in any way determine the beauty of one’s heart. The  heart of a person is what matters;  and society has it backwards… so we must each do our part to connect with our own heart and the hearts of others above everything and show, love, kindness, respect and help empower one another so no one will  feel “less than” anyone.

~ WOW ~

Window 66 – Feeling unhealed wounds










We will rotate the same emotional reactions with different people until we can see that it is not the person we are reacting to, it is the emotional pain that we carry from the initial wound.

 The replay of our anger, jealousy, hate and distrust are all emotions that resurface with different people because they stem from a wound in our past that was never healed. We place blame on people and situations for our feelings and outbursts of negative emotions but in truth, we can only place blame on our self, for our uncontrolled reactions that stem from our old unhealed wounds.

We cannot change what happened in the past but the past holds the key  to why we react negatively … In looking at what caused our initial emotional pain we can see that it is the” feeling” from our old pain that continues to surface and not the initial situation or person in a new form.

If you dissect that old feeling to find the cause, you can then use that feeling as your guide to know if the feeling is connected to the current situation or the past. It is through that awareness that an old wound can truly heal and a new wound from an old feeling can be prevented, because your view of the now is clear.

~ WOW ~

Window 65 – Love is our lifeline








Love is all that exists in the spirit world;  it is the only thing that we were able to bring with us when we came to do this physical journey and is the only thing we can take with us when we depart.

We come from love that is why we all yearn to have love on this physical journey because it is what reminds us of home. It is why the loss of a love connection by death or a break up is so painful and devastating because love is the life line of our souls.

The energy of all our negative emotions and actions lingers on this earthly plain and the only way to heal it is through love. If the spirit realm operates only on love maybe we come here to purify the negative energy left behind by our ancestors and our self, with the goal of creating a replica of the spirit world on earth.

Love is what unites us and makes us feel an inner joy that is unexplainable; so let go of hate and forgive those who hurt you and make your wrongs right so you are not leaving behind toxic energy for your loved ones to bear.  There is nothing else we can take with us so we must let go of trying to obtain “things” that are meaningless and focus on keeping our connection to our inner spirit over our ego so we are seeing all things through love and leaving love for our loved ones.

If our earthly journey is a test to remain in love through experiencing the ego, than we must make that our goal to pass the test… so we can go home with honors.

~ WOW~

Window 64 – Every soul is Equal








You are neither above or beneath another human being…it does not matter what you have or don’t have or what you did or didn’t do …we are all one and the same and if your ego is sabotaging your belief to think otherwise, the divine will either humble you or ignite your light to know that we are all equal.

Every person is here for a purpose and is no greater or less in value.  It is the ego that poisons our thoughts to believe we are better or less than others because of our material items, physical appearance, finances and social status.  When we get caught in the trap of the ego we diminish the light of our spirit and drain the spirit of others.

We are not on this physical journey to outdo one another… we are here to love, support, give and share our blessings and unique abilities to help empower one another so that our physical journey does not break our spirit and our connection to the divine.

~ WOW~

Window 63 – Answered Prayers








 Our prayers are answered but our vision of how we think the outcome of the prayer will be can block us from seeing that they got answered.

If we each look back on past prayers we can see that many of our prayers were indeed answered but we just thought the “feeling” or “outcome “of the answer would be different from the reality of the answer, so we view the prayer as unanswered. We forget that the universe is in control and that some of our prayers will come with lessons in order to awaken us to a higher level of self that could not awaken by just being answered.

Take a reality check of what you prayed for and you will see that most of your prayers were answered and many of them exceeded the vision of your expected outcome. The review of your blessings should build your faith and knowing that you are heard and loved by an unseen force that is walking with you on this life journey.

 The power of prayer is unstoppable and gains strength when prayers are in made with loving intentions for the well-being of another person and combined with other people. If we all pray for each other we all are being prayed for and our connection to one another creates an invisible chain of love that answers the prayer and wishes of divine.

~ WOW ~