Window 61 ~Shifts of energy~

You have total control over your energy, but if you do not acknowledge the shifts, the energy is in control of you.

Energy travels like smoke and is like an unseen life that flows through us and weaves out and into the energy field of others. It is the shift of feeling good to bad or bad to good that we ignore that determines the outcome of the energy we pass onto others and can cause a shift to their energy if they too are unaware.

 We believe our feelings and thoughts are always are own or stem from life situations but if we are conscious and alert to the sudden changes of our feelings we would see  that many times the shift is from the energy of another person. Everyone has experienced feeling either good or bad and then enters a room with others and a shift of energy takes place that changes how you feel, or you talk to someone on the phone and hang up feeling either depressed or uplifted… those are the shifts that leave lasting effects on your energy.

We all are connected and our thoughts and actions have an effect on the energy of others with the power to be either healing or toxic; so each of us must strive to be conscious of what we absorb and infect others with. The power of positive energy can recycle all negativity because it flows from a place of love which is unbreakable; so if you become aware of your own shifts, you can break the stream of anything negative from multiplying and become a light for everyone you connect with.

~ WOW ~

3 thoughts on “Window 61 ~Shifts of energy~

  1. [ Smiles ] I enjoyed your article; it made a lot of sense to me (And I am sure that it made a lot of sense to others as well).

    Keep up the writing and never stop blogging!

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